Kelly Clarkson Breakaway Rip Off

This was years ago when I noticed that Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway CD design had been ripped off by an album designer in the Philippines. The album is by a young local diva named Sarah Geronimo. Notice that Kelly's CD title is Breakaway and Sarah's is Becoming. A case of the B? Then notice how the album cover pictorial and design had been tweaked a bit to distinguish from Kelly's but still managed to retain the lack of originality because of the pose. This brings me to realize that the pictorial for the album was also ripped off. The album sleeve image tries to mimic Kelly's ensemble and hairdo also. Both are clad in night gowns, has almost similar poses, hairstyles and identical backdrop design. The back cover of Sarah used a white gown maybe to veer away from the similarity with that of Kelly's in the same image which is black.

In real life, though, both are singing competition winners which may have brought Sarah Geronimo's management to assume that it's logical to copy Kelly Clarkson's CD design and pictorial.


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