Riddick Ripped Off By Resiklo


When Resiklo, a movie by Filipino actor-producer Bong Revilla, Jr. came out in 2007, I was impressed that effort was made to make the film. However, when I finally saw it I smelled Riddick, the movie that starred Vin Diesel which was shown years earlier.

The plot is the same. Both movies have an alien race conquering planets. Both movies' villains are insecure that a chosen one among their conquered ones will emerge. Both have lead characters with reluctance to save mankind. Both villains have an ambitious next-man who has a seductive love interest who shares her lover's ambition to overthrow the lead villain. Both has a reformed villain. Both has the same plot of the alien race converting mankind into their own or suffer the consequence of termination. I can go on and on with the similarities, but who copied who is obviously not the issue. Riddick came out first. As a matter of fact, it's just a sequel to the movie Pitch Black which stars the same lead, Vin Diesel.


metalpig said...

It sounds a true ripped-off(but I don't see the resiklo movie).. Hope that in the future Filipino film makers can come up an original plot, not a copycat..
thanx4droppin'by@mysite! :)

Art Voyeur said...

Yup, it is. There's the effort in special effects, costume, but I wished that it was an original which it isn't. This only proves that Filipinos can come up with decent outputs. The challenge is walking on the thin line between inspiration and theft.

Jepster said...

The problem is that most producers I guess only want to be like what hollywood has. If only we could come up with something original yet interesting.

I believe even that Exodus movie was a ripoff too...

And thanks for dropping by my site. ;)

Art Voyeur said...

Welcome, Jepster. I commended Regal Films' Nieves last December. It's one of the 3 stories in the Shake Rattle and Roll films. It's funny, inventive, and most of all originally Filipino. It needs a few tweaking though towards the end. Then I learned that they will make a full-length version for Christmas. They just have to avoid any association with Harry Potter. If they can produce a hardcore Filipino-oriented and culture-based script for that, then the character will take off to bring its upcoming full-length version this December '09 to a respectable level.

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